Sunday, 1 December 2013

Rough cut feedback

1. Examples of excellent shots which are worthy of full marks 2. News footage at the beginning and conversation at the end helps to anchor the narrative and gives the video meaning and therefore more interesting. Footage at the beginning could be newspaper headlines coming at the screen and or found footage (clips) from news bulletins anchoring the disaffected youth stereotype. 3. Strongest footage is at the end of the video where you show the camaraderie between all of you and more faces and upper body. 4. A predominance of shots below the head which you should try and remedy in the gaps you have. 5. Some of the skateboard footage is too long within the sequence, ie too many repetitions of the same thing which detract from the conventional music videos style which other areas of the film now have. 6. This is capable of full marks but at the moment is a mid level four, marks being deducted for "shooting material appropriate to the task set; ... attention to framing.." 34/40 = 80% low A. 7. Blog: multimedia - no evidence of print development ideas. You must start this now, I is not enough to put the finished evidence on there and also I want to see your ideas at this stage to give you feedback.

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