Thursday, 7 November 2013

Group: Font Ideas

The font we have envisioned to use was of simple handwritten style, with slightly thin tall letters. A similar font used in the 'Young Blood' video by 'Young and Famous'. 

From research on 'Dafont' and '1001 fonts' we found these fonts which appeal to us. The first two being most similar to our original ideas and the third being a more of a scribble that we still like.

However we then found this font which we liked because it has connotations of innocence and playfulness contradicts the connotations of teenage crime. As well as we also liked how it looked which is the main purpose of the font to be another way in attracting the audience.
A problem that we had to overcome was that we want to place our title over the sunrise time lapse at the beginning of the track. The idea was that we use a simple font so that the image behind can easily be read but this font would draw the eye away from the time lapse. So if we decided that if we do use this font we will cut out the fill of the font in photoshop so that the footage is viewable through the text.

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