Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Group: Shoot Reflection

In the half term we did a shoot at 'Porc' which is one of our main locations for the action footage.

The roles undertaken by the team were
  • Max: director, actor and camera operator
  • Tyla: director and camera operator 
  • Thom Espach and Dan Warren: actors
  • Extras

We feel the shoot went extremely well as we were delighted with how the shots using the track turned out. In addition the weather was sunny with some cloudy spells so we made sure that we filmed in the sunny intervals. The only disappointment with the shoot was that there was not as many people riding as expected and therefore we have lots of shots of Dan and Max riding rather than a vast range of people.
Our next step is to film the early morning scenes and then a small shoot at Grosvenor Skatepark.

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