Monday, 11 November 2013

TW: Video Inspiration

Over the weekend I took some time to do some researching on the video sharing site Vimeo. This site has more professional videos than that of Youtube and so is good to look at some more experimental and stylistic video production techniques.

The video 'Dogboarding' has some shots in it which I think would work really well in our production, in addition the use of slow motion in this video is what I would like to match in ours. The video develops on my idea of adding something which is out of the norm to make it more visually interesting.

In these two videos the use of fancy dress is something that we might like to incorporate in ours however what I like more about these two videos is the sense of camaraderie between the people and enjoyment of the event.

I really like this video because of the way the friendship between the two characters is shown through handicam of a low quality video recorder. The diegetic sound can still be heard but it does not overpower the music. I think this is a technique that would make our video much more effective by cutting between a high and a low quality camera to give our production a more personal feel.

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