Thursday, 14 November 2013

Group: Grosvenor Bmx shoot

On Monday the 18th of November we both plan to shoot the BMX segment of our production. This part of our production will be shot at Grosvenor skate park in High brooms located about 15 minutes from school.        We are fortunate that on this Monday we have break time, a double lesson in media and then lunch giving us a total of 3hours and 15 minutes in which we can shoot during the school day.
 For this shoot we will be using my friend Will who rides BMX as our main subject and then others who regularly go to the skate park. I am also going to bring my BMX to school as when shooting it proves to be a very valuable recourse acting as a platform to follow other riders on when travelling at speed. The photo to the right demonstrates how we use skateboards to smoothly follow moving targets without being restricted to a straight direction of movement like when using a track.

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