Thursday, 14 November 2013

Group: Concept Development

Today Tyla and I have discussed the ending of our production, we plan on using a time lapse of the sun setting shot near our porc location, this will make our footage look continuous and will signify the day ending as we plan on recording the last hour of daylight at this location. Yesterday, the 13th of November Tyla went to this location and captured around 12 minutes of the sunset as a practice shot which worked well but we have both concluded that for our time lapse to look professional we need to shoot at least an hours worth of footage to shot the scenery changing. We also both agreed that if possible the shot should be framed so that there were no trees close by as when watching the footage sped up at 10,000% the branches would move around violently and meant that the shot no longer produced the cinematic experience.

We have also discussed the prelude that we want to play in the background during the first 15 seconds of our production, Tyla and I have decided that Wednesday next week we will come in at lunch time to one of the schools recording booths with a script that we are currently writing, we will  then record the voices of the people featured in the production to act as our prelude. One idea that we had was to have our actors record the same speech and then we will edit the different segments together using cross cuts to produce one continuous prelude.

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