Sunday, 10 November 2013

TW: Digipack/ Advert Ideas and Research

We decide that we are going to do a digipack for an EP because it is conventional of our artist genre to release a number of tracks to create a buzz for the album. For example Adrian Lux himself has released lots of EPs and singles before his album, similarly Calvin Harris, before his most recent album, released a number of the tracks as singles and EPs.

From research and these two examples, EP covers are simple normally contain one iconic image with the only text being the artist and track title.

From advertising research these are the conventions I have identified.
  • The image on the advert is the same if not very similar to the main cover of the digipack so that the audience will recognise the album artwork
  • In addition there is more text than on the digipack, however not too much so that it is still quick and easy for the audience to read 
  • The information usually given by the text is the artist name, album title, release date, reviews, singles from the album and where to purchase
  • Another convention is the use of a single colour for the background
We need to reproduce these conventions in our advert to make a professional and effective product.

This is our first image idea for our prints. It would work well with the advert as the text will fit nicely next to it. Furthermore the solid colour in the background attracts the eye and follows the convention of the advert.
Furthermore the rule of thirds can be applied to this shot, more so when the text is applied.

This is another shot that we could use for our image, with a similar idea to the first.

Our other idea for what our image could be was some sort of group shot. These are some test shots that we took on our shot at 'Porc', personally I prefer the action shots we have as they are more iconic and have space for a better layout of text. however these would be good shots for the inside covers of our digipack, adding to our ideology of camaraderie and friendship.

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