Friday, 8 November 2013

Group: Reviewing Shoot Footage

Today I decided that it would be very useful to dedicate a lesson to looking through all of the footage that we captured during our first shoot at PORC as we had over 9.5Gb's.

We had a large amount of footage which we captured so we both knew that it would need condensing into folders as to make it easier to import the correct shots into premier elements when we begin to make our production. I spoke to Mr Fiveash who suggested that because we had a large amount of shots I should use a system that labelled the different shots A,B or C with A being the best 'meat' shots ,B being high quality filler shots and C being clips which didn't really work but could be used if needed.

The shot above is one of the shots which we felt worked really well, it took a few attempts to set up correctly due to the fact that I was jumping into the camera but once we had worked out the timings correctly it worked excellently.

The shot below is also one of our favourite 'group' shots which we decided to put into out B category as the light makes the shot look very attractive and elegant.

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