Friday, 20 September 2013

Group: Brighton location reccie

On Thursday the 19th of September we went on a group trip to Brighton. We were given a list of shots which we were to practise and shoot, the list below shots these different shots which we were expected to perform as well.

  1. MLS panning establishing shot.
  2. Height angle shot.
  3. Low angle shot.
  4. Footage for a time lapse.
  5. POV handicam shot
  6. 360 pan
  7. Tracking shot
  8. Close ups.
  9. Pull/push focus.
  10. Location change shot.
  11. Foreground shot.
  12. Time lapse shot.
  13. Experimental slow motion shot for twixtor.

We had previously scouted for
good spots in Brighton which we thought would be good locations to shoot at, one of these places was the new skate park which has been recently finished after construction had started near the beginning of the year. We liked this location as it was inspired by the classic Californian style design which is commonly seen in skateboard films and in music videos as well as the fact that it is surrounded with a busy backdrop which includes flowers,rich green crass and the main road which leads to the heart of Brighton.

While at our location we managed to film some footage which we will be able to use in our final piece. One of our best shots while at the skatepark was a high angle CU of a skater as he grinded the side of the bowl. This shot and many other shots was filmed using Max's grip which allowed us to perform smooth handheld shots. In addition we filmed some filler shots, which we can use in our final production, of visually interesting graffiti and artwork. The use of the pull focus ability on the camera allowed us to alter the composition of the shot to our suiting. We discovered that having the main object in clear focus did not always produce the most desirable looking shot. This is reflective of music video conventions as the camera techniques are much more experimental than that of film and TV production.

The location reccie was a success for us as not many problems occurred. The weather is a key obstacle for us in our production and we were fortunate that while we were at the skatepark the sun had broken through the clouds, also due to the white concrete even in the cloudy moments the shots looked bright enough. Another obstacle we had to overcome was to make sure that anyone we filmed had given us permission, everyone we asked was co-operative with the exception of a few who said they didn't want to be filmed so we made sure to avoid them in the shots.

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