Monday, 23 September 2013

Group: Skills from AS to A2 - Location Reccie

The clear difference between our location reccie at A2 compared to AS was the change of brief which meant we went about filming differently. At AS we had to think about how every shot was going to fit into our narrative so that we obeyed the 180 degree rule and allowed for continiuty editing. Conversely at A2 we did not have these restrictions, this allowed us to have more freedom to try more experimental camera techniques. Personally for us this meant we could experiment with shots that we would use slow motion with. Due to the experience we have gained since our last location reccie we have learned valuable skills in how best to utilise our reccie. Here are some of the ways in which we have improved and this reccie differed from AS.
  • Used planning to use time as efficiently as possible
  • Gained experience so taking the shots and spotting good ones was more natural
  • Learned took same shot from different angles
  • Took more footage so that we definitely have enough when we are editing
  • Took more filler/ meat shots
  • Used initiative when filming
  • Set up quicker due to experience
  • Used reccie better as saw the ,ink bwtween the practice and actual filming
  • More ambitious with our shots
  • Planned what kind of shot we were going to do before we got ther
  • The urban location changed the use of mise-en-scene compared to the woodland area of wilderness woods
  • Knew how best to use the composition of shots to our advanatage

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