Monday, 16 September 2013

TW: Deconstruction of a Digipak

Deconstruction of a Digipak – Bloc Party Four

Dyer - Star Image

·         Artist appear through pictures in studio- present
·         However never break the fourth wall- absent
·         Shown to be ordinary people making music in images
·         Seen mostly with instruments representing them as extra ordinary as they have created this piece of music
·         This keeps the audience unfulfilled
·         In addition they do not appear in the album artwork only in the cover inside

Barthes – Semiotics

·         The four rings of colour on the cover are used to signify the relationship of the band
·         Through the use of colour wash over pictures containing the band members, with a different colour for each member
      ·         The congruency of the circles signifies a harmonious relationship

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