Tuesday, 17 September 2013

TW: Music Video Research

Together Max and I have shared many ideas about which we have gained from the research we have completed. To further these discussions I have researched some music videos which include skateboarding which is a key part of our concept.

Dub Pistols - Back to daylight
In this video the key elements which will be of use to us are
  • The warm colours reflected in the early morning sunlight are what we will try to emulate in our first section
  • the use of subtle slow motion to ease the pace of the visuals which reflects the track

Kid Cudi - Immortal
Key video elements
  • Use film burn to creat bright exotic colours
  • Natural flowing use of slow motion, full speed to slow mo as tricks are performed
  • Bright vivid colours

Adrian Lux- Damaged
Key video elements
  • Use of narration before song, gives some sort of context
  • Film burn
  • Flowing slow motion
  • The key theme of friendship and camaraderie 

From this research I have learned that the use of slow motion will be key if our music video is going to look genuine. We will have to research into ways of adding to our cameras capabilities in this area as it is only able to run at 60fps. In addition the use of colour will be important so that we can give the feelign we want to the footage. Furthermore an ideas I have picked up from the research is the possibility of adding a short prelude to the footage before the music starts.


  1. I have just re-watched the Adrian lux video that we watched together in class together and i have picked up two shots that i think we could definitely use in our production.
    I think that 1:03-1:05 is a good shot and also 1:35-1:37.

    1. Yes I agree, likewise the shots from 3:25-3:28 show the same sense of camaraderie. I also like the idea of using the narration at the beginning and end of the video.