Wednesday, 18 September 2013

TW: Music Video Analysis

I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding

Institution and audience
  • This video is published online through the music video sharing website for three of the "big four" record labels, it is also then distributed through other sites and media such as Youtube and TV stations.
  • This allows the core audience to find all the mainstream music videos in one place.Furthermore the labels use it to attract big advertisers as they can almost guarantee that lots users will visit the site as well as their technophile psycho graphic.
  • As this is artist is high profile and part of the pop genre the record label plays a large part in promoting the artist to a wider audience as possible.
  • Therefore the label will have a big say in the content of the video so that it can appeal to wide audience and be used as an advertisement for the artist. In addition the means of distribution will be solely managed by the label.

Genre and narrative
  • In 1992 Goodwin identified key features of music videos, many of which appear in this video. For example Goodwin proposed that there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, in this particular the relationship is a mix of illustrative and amplifying. This is shown by the lyrics as they tell a story of a relationship and this is represented through the actions between the boy and girl in the video who are actually the artists who made the music.
  • This link to another one of Goodwin's key features that the video will feature lots of shots of the artist as the record label will demand this. another key feature is the notion of looking, which is evidfent in this video through the use of handicam. This camera camera technique suggest it is a consumer camera which is picked up by different groups of people which allows  the audience to gain an insight into their lives.
  • Personally I don't think this video can be considered art as it is too conventional and is heavily dominant on being an advertisement for the artist. It does offers one key interesting visual element to create repeatability for the audience however this in itself is used to make an efficient advertisement. 

Hey Ho - The Lumineers

Media Language
  • The use of colour and costume is connected to the sound of the band, brown rustic colours are heavily featured with the characters wearing clothing with connotations of countryside and farming. An example of the costume is the straw hats and dungarees.
  • This is used to construct the 'throwback' image of the band. In addition the is a message of love between friends and family whihc is represented through the casting of a large number of characters. Likewise there is a friendly party atmosphere conveyed through props such as confetti. 

  • Dyer (Stars, 1979) suggest that star image is constructed in media text through 2 paradox's which keep the audience unfulfilled. One of which is the ability to be simultaneously absent and present. In this video the artist is clearly present as it is a performance based video in which nearly every shot includes the artist, however the fourth wall is never broken meaning that there is no personal interaction with the audiences.
  • The use of this paradox keeps the audience unsatisfied and coming back for more. The ideological discourse represented in this video is similar of the dominant ideology of valuing friends and family.

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