Wednesday, 18 September 2013

MS:Auteur analysis.

Can music videos be seen as more than just a commercial for the artist?

  • I feel like music videos can be seen in a way that depicts them as more than just a commercial. This is because many videos have been produced which are seen as more of an art form.

  • Michel Gondry directed the music video to Daft punks song 'around the world', when watching this production i see it as more of a artistic performance rather that as a commercial to promote the artist.
  • Music videos do not have to always be commercials for the artist as more often that not they are about experiences that the artists have had. This could also be seen as a form or commercialization as if the artist is re-telling parts of their life story it causes the audience to feel connected and engaged with the artist.
  • I do feel that artist do primarily use music videos as a form of advertising. This is backed up the the huge number of extreme close up shots of the artist which show the artist in spectacular and lavish ways. I feel that now in the 21 century the artist is more based around commercialization rather than actually producing music as people are attracted to publicity,money and the lifestyle attached.

Ever long- Foo Fighters:

  • The nature of the song is reflected by the dark toned video which is very much like a dream as the characters are shown to be dreaming with each other.
  • The video and soundtrack both complement each other as it is very enigmatic and unconventional.

Human behavior: Bjork

  • The dark colours and toy animals which are used in this music video reinforce and make the storyline very enigmatic, this is because they show the artist as becoming smaller and smaller and then coming across a hedgehog, teddy bear and then going into space.
  • Because of the enigmatic questions posed it makes the audience want to re-consume it as it is very hard to understand.

The chemical brothers:Golden path

  • This song is about someone trying to escape their current life which is shown to be dark and unhappy and start a new and happy life.
  • A contrast is shown between the two, this is done by showing a clear colour difference. The person is shown to be thinking about a new life when it changes from grey scale to a world of colour signifying happiness and fun.

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