Wednesday, 18 September 2013

TW: Auteur Analysis

Can music videos be considered more than just a commercial for an artist?

Spike Jonze
Praise you - Fatboy Slim

  • Video has a playful atmosphere which link with the sound of the song
  • Use of low quality camera makes video seem authentic and that the audience is part of the crowd
  • Creates repeatability for audience, suggesting it is an advertising technique
  • Concept is unique and original
  • Seems as though the performance was not intended for the video 
  • The absence of the artist and lack of conventional characteristics of music videos suggest that the is not just an advertisement
  • I think that the original concept and experimental media techniques shows that it is a piece of art 

Chris Cunningham 
Come to Daddy - Aphex Twin

  • there is an extreme use of enigma codes throughout, creating mystery for the audience. These have been developed through mise-en-scene techniques such as props, costume, casting and non verbal language. For example the use of children dressed in frocks, which have connotations of innocence, is juxtaposed by the masks they were combined with their chaotic actions.

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