Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Group: Potential tracks

Idea 1.
Tyla and I have both listened to this song and feel that it was a good option as a track to make our production to. We both liked the idea of having a music video which accompanied a track which was quite chilled and had a house theme but we have not decided that this track will be our final option yet.

Idea 2.
When searching for more potential tracks that would follow our theme that we have in mind Tyla found this track which we both feel is probably the strongest track that we have. After discussing the possible visuals that could accompany it we agreed that it would suit our treatment very well as it has an up-beat vibe and also incorporates the chilled house genre that we were trying to appeal too.

Idea 3.
Following a very similar beat and rhythm to idea 1 this glen Jackson song is also by the same artist who remixed our initial soundtrack idea. We like this as it promotes a fun summer vibe which can be amplified by the use of bright and elaborate visuals mainly being in slow motion with the occasional fast montage. This song also follows a continuous beat which allows for good continuity when syncing footage with the visuals and sound.

1 comment:

  1. I think that the Adrian Lux track is best because it builds and slows appropriately so we can create an effective narrative which evokes emotion.