Tuesday, 17 September 2013

MS: Music video research and ideas

In today's lesson Tyla and i have both discussed our treatment. We have made good progress with it but we both decided to spend some time looking for potential effects that we can incorporate into our production to make it more unique and interesting to our target audience. 

We have spent about an hour looking for good examples of special effects that we wish to use in order to increase our production values and thus increase the viewing experience for our audience.


Twixtor is a special effect that we will almost definitely use in our production. We have both decided that we will use slow motion in our production as we will be using a Cannon 550D which can film at a rate on 60 fps at 720p. This means that when we slow the footage down it will produce a high quality image which is better than a normal consumer camera. the only problem is that we would like to use super slow motion throughout large proportions of our production but although a high fps, 60 is not high enough as a jumpy image would still be produced. 
This means that we will have to make a compromise and rather than being able to have whole takes in super slow motion we will have to use a technique called ramped slow-mo which means that the clips will play at normal speed and then we will only use a small amount of the frames in order to have a brief 2-3 second extreme slow motion clip which will preserve nearly all of the information and detail of the original clip.

RGB twitch

RGB twitch/split is an effect that today i showed to tyla. We both discussed this with Mrs johnson and she also liked the idea of using it as it is very original and hasn't been used before in the media department.
I found this effect on a computer gaming montage where it was used as a transition to change from location to location. This effect would be very useful when changing locations and just as a technique to make the visuals look more attractive. In short it is a way in which the (Red,Green and Blue) colours that make up the image can be separated to create a bright and elaborate 3D effect.


The music video to Left boys new song called 'Get it right' includes multiple animations which move around with the subjects in the shot. We both like this idea as we can create almost anything within reason and then import it into the moving image as if it were there when the clip were filmed.



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