Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Group: concept development shot ideas

 At the weekend Tyla and I had planned to shoot our first part of our production but due to weather changes we decided to cancel as when shooting the riders and skateboarders we need the grounds surface to be dry due to the increased risk of loosing control in the wet.

Due to the wet weather I decided to try out some possible shots that would increase the production values of our music video such as the POV shot of one of our main characters riding with the handle bars and controls situated within the shot. This actual photo I took whilst riding along on my Iphone, it has produced a high quality image but I plan on testing the same shot in video mode and then comparing the resolution and quality with other shots that we have captured on our Cannon 550D as if used in continuity editing it may look out of place and lower the production values of the production.

An alternative to using an Iphone to shoot this segment is to use a Gopro which is designed specifically to shoot POV footage  of riders, skaters and other first person action sports like the video I captured below and the picture above. My friend Oliver has a camera that Tyla and I can both use for this purpose which I have had allot of use with in the past so it will be a very useful recourse that we have access to as he said that he is happy to let us use it.

The video below is a practice video that I took using a GoPro Hd hero 2 at one of our locations, due to the fact that I am one of the riders it will mean that we will only have to find one more rider to feature in our production.

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