Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Group: Concept Development

Today after finishing the editing of our Brighton reccie footage we developed our concept in these ways
  • We have decided to use the post production effect of 'RGB Split' in super slow motion after seeing a sample of one of our clips with this effect on.
  • We think that the use of a short prelude of a character before they go out with a news report on teenagers or 'youths' causing trouble will help add some context and develop our narrative.
  • After researching music videos we decided that the idea of having someone riding in some sort of fancy dress costume e.g. suit, superhero costume. This will add an abstract element to our video, whilst adding to the message within in our narrative that teenagers can have fun without causing trouble. 
  • We have decided on a few of our locations to shoot at and will commence location reccies shortly. These include 'Porc' which is a dirt biking location and 'Grosvenor Skatepark' which is a small friendly skatepark which has lots of colour which will allow a good composition of shots.
  • In addition Max has found a spot near his house that we can use for a our early morning shots as it has a good sunrise we can use for a time lapse and to film with the early morning colours.
  • There is a possibility that we can produce some panoramic shots of extremely high quality as we may be able to get our hands on a RED 4k camera.
  • We also know that our filming is extremely dependent on weather so we are going to try and film as soon as possible.
  • We also going to use the track for shots at 'Porc' as there is lots of open space to set it up and use tracking shots to their full potential.

This is our sample clip of RGB Split with time warp and motion blur.

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  1. What a team you two are - some great idea and you are making progress every lesson. impressed I am