Thursday, 3 October 2013

Group: Today's progress

Today Tyla and i have both been working towards out pitch which is on next Wednesday.We have started making the pitch using prezi and have almost completed our survey on survey monkey. We will be able to start distributing tomorrow to potential audience members if ms Johnson agrees with the questions that we have asked in order for us  to get an idea of what qualities people feel are important within a music video.

 We have further discussed ideas for our production in an attempt to increase our possible production values as much as possible. A technique that we thought of and discussed today was to film identical shots of the different people moving the same way and doing the same things but in different locations. We would then crop the 2 or 3 shots of the individuals and use the beginning,middle and end from each to make one entire clip that cross cuts from each location in a continuous way.

The only drawback to this idea is that we will need to invest allot of time into creating this shot as everything will need to be simplified in order to make replicating the shot in a different location possible. The things that will be key are :

  • Camera angle 
  • Distance from  the lens to the subject
  • Subject positioning 
  • Movement 
  • Height 
  • Exposure 
All of the above points will be key to making this concept work but  in the worst case scenario we can use just two characters and two locations or one character and two locations where the character could cross cut from being alone early in the morning in town to a busy skate park.

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