Thursday, 3 October 2013

TW: Digipak deconstruction

C2C - Tetra


  • This digipak is for an artist of the dance genre, a convention which this example follows is the absence of the artist on the cover.
  • In addition the cover has party atmosphere which is links with the dance genre. 
Media Language
  • Bright vivid colours are used in combination with high key lighting to signify positivity and happiness
  • Although the artist and album title are centred due to the rule of thirds the audiences view is directed towards one of the four girls who are all positioned in the composition according to the rule of thirds.
  • The costume of the girls creates a sense of voyeurism as they are unclothed but covered by a range of eccentric props. The props also add to the positive party atmosphere.
  • The use of the women in this cover creates iconography as it could be seen as controversial as it includes some of the conventions of women in media recognised by Goffman et al. Primarily the technique of commodification.  

  • The joyous merrymaking atmosphere that is created represents the style of music of this artist. Its creates an image of optimism cheerfulness, adding to the meta narrative of this artist that they want to have a good time and create happiness.
  • In addition Dyers star image can be applied as this digipak conforms to both paradox's. For example the artist is absent from the cover however they appear inside the digipak.
  • Likewise they appear ordinary yet extraordinary as there are quotes of each member thanking family and friends which is juxtaposed by a picture containing a member surrounded by balloons, records, mixing decks and other musical instruments whilst sitting or standing on something up off the floor (eg. shelf). 
Institution and Audience

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