Thursday, 3 October 2013

Group: Treatment

Treatment draft
 A short film that emphasises the connection that friends have with each other and the bond that forms when they share a love for the same thing for example Skating, BMXing, Roller blading at  dirt jumping . It is meant to show that people are happier and achieve more in life when they are with friends and people that spur them on to succeed and to push themselves. They go to secret spots which they and their friends consider as theirs as well as public skate parks and other designated areas.( Brighton, Eastbourne, PORC, Grosvenor, Mayfield) . At the beginning of the production there is a time lapse of the sun rising which shows the audience that it is the beginning of a new day, slow motion shots of the group members on their own getting ready for the day ahead, elaborate long panning shots which move around the characters a full 360 degrees, extreme slow motion shots of the characters leaving their houses with main focus on the mode of transport that they ride or do. (skateboard etc) Steady cam shots also follow them through the house but from a fly on the wall perspective and in some cases from the outside using widows.
  • Slow motion shots
  • Panning shots
  • Exteme slow motion
  • Shots showing the characters leaving simultaneously
  • Tracking shots

As the boy riding his bmx is shown leaving the house the location of the camera changes to a wide angled panorama shot of the boy leaving the house early in the morning, the footage then speeds up into a time lapse of the sun rising through the trees in the background with the other houses surrounding slightly out of focus. After the time lapse has finished with the titles appeared in the style displayed in the naked and famous video we have analysed the footage will focus and slow down to normal speed showing the main character jumping out into and crossing the road on a BMX (possibility to use twixtor)
Shot in wide frame, quick panning and tracking shots follow the boy as he rides through the empty streets as the song is building up. Cross cuts to other characters in the production (must be shot in the same weather conditions and daylight) as to display continuity and establish the fact that the friends are all getting ready at the same time and have all left to meet for the day.
 The characters are all filmed on their own for this part of the production. The characters who skate board are filmed trying  the same trick which when edited will cross cut between the two or three characters doing the same trick at the same time. The beginning of one shot will be cropped and paired to the middle of another shot which is them paired to the end of a third shots
  • Film burn
  • Continuity editing
  • Twixtor
  • Track used to follow fast objects smoothly
  • Timelapse

    After the boy is shown to move from the outskirts of the town into the town center we will use the track to film tacking shots that track across side roads with the camera at one end of the cut through road and the bmx'er riding across at the other end, at this point some of the frames could be slown down dramatically to increase the intensity of the footage. When edited the footage will be cropped and will be in sync with the soundtrack to create an effective and high production value look.

    After this point the friends will all start to near their meeting place, the soundtrack begins to pick up and become more happy as they get closer signifying strength and friendship. The cutting rate will increase as the visuals cross cut between the faces of the individuals which will briefly be shown for 1-2 seconds as they start to smile.(twixtor used to show only minute e movements on their faces rather that a full smile developing which can look fake)

    When they all meet a 360 pan moves around the whole group, the shot is temporarily sped up and then slowed down using ramped slow motion to show them high-fiving and 'bro' fisting'. This carries on until the camera has smoothly panned around the whole group using the key slow motion placements to amplify the connection that the friends have.

    Examples of this'bro fist' are at 1:03 in the following video.
    We are also going to include shots of the individuals laughing together and having fun when they all meet up such as at 1:24 in the following video.
    Finally the 360 degree panning technique with the ramped slow motion can be seen at 1:34 with the only difference being that we would like to do a full 360 degree rotation with intervals that are slowed down.

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