Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Group: Evaluation of Music Video

How did your creative process develop, improve from film opening to music video?
  • The music video allows us to be more experimental with our shots
  • We can with ease come up with shots after our practice in the film opening
What cinematography skills / experimentation did you develop further during this project?
  • We experimented with unusual and different framings that we tried in our film opening because we didn't have to clearly show everything in the frame like we needed to in the film opening to make the narrative clear.
  • Likewise we could try angles of shots that were not appropriate for the brief of the film opening
List editing techniques and effects that you used in post-production. Be very specific and include detail.
  • Slow motion
  • Matching visuals with sound
  • Increased colour saturation
To what extent did you conform to the codes and conventions of music videos you have studied in your coursework productions?
  • Use of narrative fuzz
  • Editing to create pace
  • Visuals cutting with soundtrack

How does your production conform or challenge the artist’s style and representation? Refer to the band’s other work.

  • In all the bands music videos the artist has been absent so we didn't include any singing and lip syncing.
  • Likewise in videos such as 'Not Giving In' there is a lot of slow motion to mirror the pace of the track, therefore we tried to do the same and when the track is slow we created pace through slow motion

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