Thursday, 3 October 2013

MS:Deconstruction of didgipak

• The genre of this album cover is not clear with the only hint as to what genre it is being the word “rave” and the use of laser beam which is normally associated with night club lighting. The white overall is an outfit that some ravers wear to large underground raves and suggests that the genre on the music on the disc will be dance,club or a drum and bass hybrid. This is also reinforced somewhat by the Hospital record label shown in the bottom left hand corner, Hospital Records is a relatively large UK independent record label which specializes in drum & bass and junglist music that supports underground artists that produce this type of music. Because of this anyone who knows about the artist or label should be able to deduct that the music is of a drum and bass origin.

• The name of the artist and name of the album shown very clearly in a thick and simple white font which stands out clearly on the dark background.  The text isn’t unique in any way and has a  sharp and easy to read shape which makes it relatively uncreative. The font used is used in nearly every Hospital records advertisement and promotion as to draw a connection that fans will recognise if they were to see the font. The visuals aren't very exciting but it is modern and focuses on modern activities and music, there appears to be no parody involved in the album cover and the identity of the artist isn’t really on display seeing as you can hardly identify the man. 

Rule of thirds is used in the image to portray the artist and provide an equilibrium. The image has a dark tone which has clearly been shot at night.The beams of pink laser may actually be an added effect to make them stand out more as apposed to just having the pink/red lasers on their own. The picture looks mysterious and elusive which suits the name of the album he actual raves that take place tend to be secretive events which take place only at night in abandoned houses and warehouses. The picture also helps reinforce the album name almost suggesting that Danny Byrd is digging up a rave as the album is called 'rave digger' which is also amplified by the pile of dirt next to him with the shovel and overalls

• The artist isn’t represented in any particular way apart from the fact that he is the only character on the album.His identity is concealed and is left unclear which doesn't create a meta-narrative. This could be a kind of message or representation which the artist is trying to reveal almost saying that  the cover or the content of the image on the album cover is irrelevant and that the only thing that matters is how the music sounds and how it makes people feel. Danny Byrd being one of the most reputable drum and bass artists in the industry almost uses the lack of branding and promotion on his album cover to support this fact.

• This print text would be consumed via advertising in the form of posters, magazine adverts and through social media and forums . websites such as the Hospital Records site would advertise this album to all their followers and consumers. The item itself can be bought from most music stores as it is popular,the copy i bought being from an airport dealership as well as online in the form of an mp3 download. 

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