Monday, 21 October 2013

Location reccie: Sun rise

The beginning of our music video production features a time lapse of the sun rising to act as a sign that the day has just begun. This is a key part of our narrative as it follows the key characters throughout the day from beginning to end so it needs to be framed well with all the possible variables taken into consideration as it will be one of the first major opening shots of the production.

The second photograph is where our opening sunrise shot will be shot,at around 6 am the sun rises directly at the end of this road producing a gold and red haze much like the photo i took above which is from a different angle at the end of the day. The other key reason for shooting in this location is because my house is situated in the middle of the road and thus it is a perfect location to film the time lapse sunrise and then have the rider exiting the house to ensure that the footage looks continuous to the audience.

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